Henry W. Offen Internship


Henry W. Offen NRS Undergraduate Internship for UCSB Students

UCSB Natural Reserve System

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The Henry W. Offen NRS Undergraduate Internship celebrates the life of Dr. Offen, Chemistry Professor and Emeritus Professor at UCSB for more than 45 years. Dr. Offen served as the first Director of the UCSB Natural Reserve System (NRS), a position he held for 16 years. He understood the value of the UC Natural Reserves for research and teaching that contribute to the wise management of the earth.  He was particularly interested in fostering students’ interests in conservation and management of the earth’s natural resources by providing opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research and management activities at the Reserves.

The Henry W. Offen UCSB Undergraduate Research Endowment was set up to honor his memory and legacy through the generous donations of family and friends.  The Endowment provides an annual stipend to support the Internship. To be eligible applicants must be registered undergraduates at UCSB with sophomore, junior or senior standing when they apply.

This year’s Intern will work on management projects at the Santa Cruz Island Reserve  (http://santacruz.nrs.ucsb.edu/). Santa Cruz Island Reserve is a world-class research, conservation and education facility. Santa Cruz is the largest island off the coast of California; located between Anacapa and Santa Rosa Islands, it lies from 19-25 miles off the adjacent mainland coast between Ventura and Santa Barbara. One of seven reserves managed by the University of California Santa Barbara Natural Reserve System (located on The Nature Conservancy property), Santa Cruz Island Reserve is among the largest and most diverse reserves of its kind in the country.

The project will include a number of stewardship activities designed to give the Intern experience with the broad array of tasks that are involved in operating and managing a natural reserve. The specific tasks will depend in part on the intern's interests, skills and knowledge, and interested undergraduates from all academic disciplines are encouraged to apply.  Possible activities include working with the Reserve Director and other Reserve Staff on Reserve maintenance tasks, vegetation management, organizing and digitizing historical data to improve availability for researchers, assisting with research projects, and helping reserve users as needed.


The Internship stipend is $1000.  The intern will be responsible for transportation to the Reserve and meals.  
It is anticipated that the Intern will spend approximately 2 weeks staying at the Reserve at some time between June 15 and Sept. 29, 2019.  The exact time can be determined based on the Intern’s and the Reserve Director’s schedules. The intern will bring a sleeping bag, linens and all personal items needed during the stay.
The Intern will be supervised by the Santa Cruz Island Reserve Director and Reserve staff.


All applicants must submit an application form, which can be accessed HERE and includes:

A 300 word essay explaining your career goals over the next 10 years and how you see participation in the UCSB NRS Internship Program furthering those goals.
A copy of your resume/CV, including a list of classes you have completed or are currently taking and your GPA.
A letter of support from a faculty member, post-doctoral fellow or graduate student you have either had as an instructor or T.A., or have worked with during your undergraduate career.  This may be submitted as a separate confidential letter/email if preferred by the letter writer.

A brief final report to summarize the student's accomplishments and experience is required at the conclusion of the internship.

The completed application and accompanying letter of recommendation are due by 5 pm, May 14, 2019.  Late applications will not be accepted. The award will be announced by May 28, 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Lyndal Laughrin, Reserve Director, Santa Cruz Island Reserve, email: lau6@ucsb.edu, or Dr. Marion Wittmann, Executive Director, UCSB Natural Reserve System, email: marion.wittmann@ucsb.edu