Our Reserves

The seven NRS reserves managed by UCSB represent a wide variety of ecosystems and have active programs to support research, university education and public outreach at their sites. The UCSB NRS reserves are among the most visited reserves in the UC NRS.

The UC Natural Reserve System operates under the general leadership of the UC NRS Director, Dr. Peggy Fielder.  The UC NRS systemwide office is located at the UC Office of the President in Oakland.  UCSB NRS, led by the UCSB NRS Director, Dr. Patricia Holden, is responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of its 7 reserves.  The UCSB NRS is managed under the supervision of the UCSB Office of Research.

UCSB Natural Reserve System Campus Office

The UCSB NRS Campus Office (Office)is responsible for the management of the financial resources of the UCSB NRS and assists reserves with administrative functions. The Office acts as the link between the remote reserves and UCSB campus departments.  In addition to the UCSB NRS Director, the Office staff includes the Executive Director, Business Officer, Development Officer and Financial Analyst. The Office is located in the Marine Science Institute.